About us

The Movimento Lento is a cultural association that promotes "slow travel" as a lifestyle. For years we have used the most advanced technology to rediscover ancient roads, plot new itineraries, and promote slow travel in Italy.

At our head office, the Casa del Movimento Lento in Roppolo (BI), along the Via Francigena in Piedmont, we have created the Scuola del Movimento Lento (Slow Travel School), a program with seminars and courses dedicated to those who travel by foot and by bicycle. 

Through our website, the newsletter and social networks, we reach a community of more than 40,000 people, who share our values and our belief that traveling by foot or by bicycle is the ideal way to see the world and to know ourselves better.

Visit our website: www.movimentolento.it, and the Casa del Movimento Lento (Slow Travel House) website: www.casa.movimentolento.it

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La Casa del Movimento Lento, B&B e Rifugio per Viaggiatori
Movimento Lento