The App

One of the main goals of our crowdfunding is the development of the SantiaGoToRome App.
The App will allow those who will walk the Camino of Santiago towards East even if it is not totally signed in the Spanish stretch, and it will include the entire itinerary that links the Camino of Santiago with the Via Francigena across France, traversing the Via Tolosana until Arles and the Via Domiziana until the Monginevro Pass as well.
The App will be very similar to the Official App of the Via Francigena, already developed by our technical partner ItinerAria for the European Association of the Vie Francigene (AEVF).
The App will be freely downloadable on Apple Store and Google Play and will allow the consultation of the interactive maps even without 3G, the App will display the maps on your cell phone with an enhanced light contrast, extremely useful while bicycling and in the event that a path is no longer followed it will also set an audible alarm.

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